14ft Plum Magnitude Trampoline & Safety Net Package

14ft Plum Magnitude Trampoline & Safety Net Package
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The Plum 14ft Magnitude trampoline provides a bubble style net which looks fantastic and it provides the user with more jumping space. With its unique styling and quality manufacturing, this trampoline will deliver hours of enjoyment for the family and duration for many more years to come. We would like to inform you that this 14ft Plum Magnitude trampoline is very spacious and it would be ideal if you have a big outdoor garden space for it.

Trampolining is lots of fun, there are various activities to do and lots of exercises to performance but when it comes to safety on a trampoline, it can be nerve-wracking as a parent. We want to reassure you that your younger children can play safety on the Magnitude 14ft Plum trampoline because they have a built-in safety enclosure which is designed to protect your children from getting hurt.

Plum Products have been manufacturing trampolines, swing sets, sand pits and toys for many of years. They have been adventuring evolving, adapting and inventing new products for children. Trampolines such as the 14ft Magnitude offers top quality trampoline materials, the latest invention of trampoline technology and springs that makes the users bounce more explosive! Trampolines UK and Plum trampolines work very closely with each other and dedicate on bringing you the best performance trampolines.


  • 14ft Diameter
  • Galvanised steel frame
  • 80 High quality zinc coated springs
  • Durable black jumping mat
  • Thick black padding
  • Innovative 3G safety enclosure - designed to create more jumping space and to protect the user from the springs
  • Galvanised steel 'Tramp Klamp' - brackets encase the weaker joint areas of the trampoline
  • Push button locking system - enables a quick safe build
  • Maximum User Weight - 125kg


The Magnitude Plum trampoline range offers a lifetime guarantee against failure due to rust for the play time of a child who it was purchased.

Here at Trampolines UK, we are very passionate about delivering you outstanding trampolines for cheaper prices. Trampolines such as the Magnitude 14ft is amazing for spacing and any occasion. For further details about the Plum 14ft Magnitude trampoline, email sales@trampolinesuk.co.uk and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Trampolines UK – your online store for cheap top quality trampolines.